Honey Heritage

The history of the company “Honey Heritage” started with the grandfather’s apiary in the 50s of the last century.

Mykola Stasiuk, a native of the village of Pidlissia, became the founder of beekeeping traditions of the large family. He was a good master, the well-known shoemaker who had three workshops of his own in Stanislav. In 1949 Mykola with his wife and five children were repressed and forced to move and work in Russia, in Khabarovsk Krai.

Hard work in logging camps and inhumane living conditions did not break Mykola, who managed to survive and save his entire family. And due to his innate intelligence and curiosity, he learned beekeeping from other prisoners from Western Ukraine. Thus in the Ussuri Taiga a small passion was born, that over the years became the life’s work for Mykola and his descendants.

On being justified and returning home, the man created his own apiary. Since then and to this day it has been located in the Black Forest, among various forest grasses, near the village of Rybne. His son, daughter-in-law, four sons-in-law, daughter and grandchildren continued Mykola’s family business.

Recently the youngest grandson, Andriy Rybak, has picked up the baton, inheriting it from his father. He is the first from the family to receive professional education as a beekeeper, he participates in beekeeping conferences and introduces the latest achievements of beekeeping into practice.

In October 2019 prestigious international organisations highly appreciated the harvest of the company “Honey Heritage”, awarding our pine honey a diploma of the 2nd degree and our forest honey – a diploma of the 3rd degree.

«A bee is an insect of God, do not insult it, respect its work»

Grandfather Mykola taught all his grandchildren, who spent every summer vacation at the apiary. These honey memories are the best memories from childhood, in which there were long walks in the forest, gathering herbs and mushrooms, catching bee swarms, grandfather’s fables about animals, grandmother’s delicacies and the world’s most delicious honey.

Our achievements