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Honey is viscous sweet substance, which the bees make of flower nectar. As of its origin, honey can be floral and honeydew.


Creamed honey

Crystal fragmentation is the base of the creamed honey production. Ordinary liquid honey, pumped out of the combs, crystallises in the course of time and becomes firm.


Bee products

The bee products include, not only valuable dietic product, i.e. honey, but also wax, propolis and others, which are widely used for human health.

Our Products

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Elixir of the vital activity of the wax moth

130.00 UAH240.00 UAH

Creamed honey with lemon balm

60.00 UAH260.00 UAH

Creamed honey with dandelion

60.00 UAH260.00 UAH

Creamed honey with honeysuckle

60.00 UAH260.00 UAH

Nuts in honey – amphora jars

460.00 UAH1,960.00 UAH

Buckwheat honey

60.00 UAH250.00 UAH

Rapeseed honey

55.00 UAH200.00 UAH

Sunflower honey

55.00 UAH200.00 UAH

Honey Heritage – buy natural honey in Ivano-Frankivsk and across Ukraine with delivery.

“Honey Heritage” is long-standing traditions and perfection of honey, that have already been passed on through three generations.

The unique technology allows to fill a jar exclusively with the natural product.

We have recently started manufacturing an interesting product – creamed honey, mixing honey with unexpected berries and fruits. This technology allows to preserve all the useful properties of honey and at the same time to add an interesting taste.

The product range is huge! Lime, raspberry, orange, blueberry, cinnamon, ginger, cocoa… And we do not stop! We are preparing even more novelties with wonderful tastes for you.

Every day our apiary works for a healthy nation. We strive for even greater improvement and a higher level of service. Shipping of our natural products is possible worldwide.

And the environmental friendliness of the place where the apiary is actually located adds safety to our honey. “Honey Heritage” bees work in the most ecological corner of our country, creating the best honey!

Taste the liquid gold in a jar and see for yourself that our honey is truly unique!